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Where do we come from?

What are we? Where are we going?


You are lost, lonely, and hungry for answers that you can't find within yourself. In a moment, you are transported to Cafeteria Formosa ─ a magical space where the menu includes everything from GRANDMA’S FRIDGE to NIGHT MARKET. A deliciously engaging storytelling journey that asks audience members and performers alike, “Have you eaten yet?”


Performance Date:

Dec.11&12 2:30, 4:00

LBJ Fountain Lawn,

The University of Texas at Austin

Artistic Director: Hsiao-Wei Chen
Original Text: Lo-Yao Huang
Director & Co-Creator: Kristen Osborn
Performers and Co-creators: Rachel Aston Warren, Ashley Diaz, ​Henry Kelly, Esther Park, Ricky Pratchett, Simon Salinas Jr., Nathan Tran
Production Manager: Matthew Schulz
Stage Manager: Kat Clark
Scenic & Costume Designer:

Hsiao-Wei Chen
Lighting Designer: Ari Jamieson
Sound Designer: Eliot Fisher
Logo Designer: Court Rogers
Costume Designer Assistant: Jadzia Padilla

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