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Cafeteria Formosa

Artistic Director: Hsiao-Wei Chen, Austin TX, 2021

Cafeteria Formosa is my MFA thesis production in the University of Texas at Austin. The project is developed with my identity difficulty as a Taiwanese into an immersive, site-specific performance wherein audience members and performers explore the nuances, complexities, and delights in an engaging, all-you-can eat food cart stop called Cafeteria Formosa. Your imagination is the only limit - as each and every dish sparks a unique story for the eater.

Original Text: Lo-Yao Huang
Director & Co-Creator: Kristen Osborn
Performers and Co-creators: Rachel Aston Warren, Ashley Diaz,
Henry Kelly, Esther Park, Ricky Pratchett, Simon Salinas Jr., Nathan Tran
Production Manager: Matthew Schulz
Stage Manager: Kat Clark
Scenic & Costume Designer: Hsiao-Wei Chen
Lighting Designer: Ari Jamieson
Sound Designer: Eliot Fisher
Logo Designer: Court Rogers
Costume & Prop Assistant, Co-Creator: Jadzia Padilla

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