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Director Studio, Austin TX, 2021

In a society where women’s lives are governed by the New Legislation, Irene is imprisoned and finds her world limited to a series of prison cells. Her only knowledge of the outside world and the international impact of her case comes from her best friend, Anna, and her lawyer, Gudrun. As the three women work to secure Irene’s release, each is forced to confront the limits of their own belief, faith and love. Meek leads us on a haunting journey into the darkest recesses of human conviction and asks us to consider, when given the chance to change the world, what are we willing to sacrifice?

Playwright: Penelope Skinner
Director: Andrea L. Hart
Scenic Designer: Hsiao-Wei Chen
Costume Designer: Fern Rodriguez
Lighting Designer: Ningmo Liu 
Media Designer: John Erickson
Photo Credit: Jacob Eaker

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