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FSUAsolo Conservatory students Jerald Wheat, left, as Odysseus and Ima_edited.jpg

Looking for Ithaca: An Odyssey

Asolo Repertory Theatre, Sarasota FL, 2022

An imaginative retelling of the classic journey of a family that has been fractured by war and unseen forces. The story is told through the eyes of a family fighting their way back to one another: Odysseus, a father whose yearning for his wife and child drives him to traverse the dangers hidden in the sea; Penelope, a mother protecting what’s left of her home and her family; and Telemachus, a son embarking on an Odyssey of his own, looking to fill the shoes of an unknown father. They may return home, but that isn’t where their journey ends.

Press: Asolo Rep puts a new spin on ‘The Odyssey’ in statewide school tour

Playwright: Jess Shoemaker
Director: Gaby Rodriguez
Scenic Designer: Frank Paul

Costume Designer: Hsiao-Wei Chen

Production Photography by Sophia Marquart

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