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American Son

Concordia University Texas, Austin TX, 2022

Frantic with worry, Kendra Ellis-Connor  paces the waiting area of a Miami police station. Her 18-year-old son Jamal, a top student about to enter West Point, went out with friends early in the evening and, uncharacteristically, has neither returned nor contacted her. As she waits for her estranged husband Scott, Kendra is interviewed by Officer Paul Larkin, who assures her that his questions about whether Jamal has priors, a street name, or gold teeth are strictly protocol and not racist. Larkin suddenly discloses new details regarding Jamal's whereabouts when Scott arrives, not initially realizing that this white FBI agent is Jamal's father. As the three hash it out in the otherwise deserted waiting area, urgent questions arise concerning the degree to which race, gender, and class play into police procedure.

Playwright: Christopher Demos-Brown
Director: Kelly Gordon
Scenic Designer: Hsiao-Wei Chen
Costume Designer: Alyksandr Waring
Lighting Designer: Liam Dolan-Henderson

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