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Those Who Dance

Palace Production, Taipei, TAIWAN, 2022

At the tender age of 15, Xiao Xiao's life takes a dramatic turn when she encounters the cruel and demeaning choreographer, Teacher Zhao. This encounter rekindles her long-standing struggle with uncontrollable spasms, a problem she desperately tries to overcome. Despite her best efforts, the spasms strike during the national dance competition, and Xiao Xiao fears that her condition will destroy the entire class's hard work and dedication. However, in an unexpected twist, her fellow dancers begin to experience the same spasms, and together they create a mesmerizing, wild, and liberating dance performance that captivates the audience and defies all expectations.

Writer & Director: Lo-Yao Huang
Producer: Cookie Chen

Cinematographer: Kuan Yu Chen
Editor: Chia-Wen Huang

Production Designer: Chun-Wei Wang
 Costume Designer: Hsiao-Wei Chen
Executive Costume Designer: Yu-Chen Wu​

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