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Robert L.B. Tobin Director-Designer Prize 2022 Recipients

opera by Richard Strauss
directed by Claire Choquette

In the opera Salome, the costume design captures a dark, chaotic cult aesthetic. Characters don distressed and provocative attire, reflecting the group's belief in an imminent apocalypse and their violent, disorderly nature. Women wear revealing clothing due to the male leaders' sexual objectification, while black tattoos signify loyalty to Herod and adherence to patriarchal norms. Set in a dilapidated factory, the patchworked costumes are fashioned from scavenged materials, demonstrating the cult's resourcefulness. Salome, still a virgin, wears a white vest to symbolize her purity. During the seven veils dance, she sheds her cult attire in defiance of Herod's authority, boldly asserting her autonomy in a deranged world.

Costume Design

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