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Cruzar la Cara de la Luna

Where is home? Is it where we are born? Or where we live most of our lives?
Is it with the family we leave behind or with the new ones we create?
To Cross the Face of the Moon follows three generations of a single family, divided by countries and cultures. As a Mexican-American man deals with the approaching death of his father, he is forced to face these questions about his own place in the world—straddling two cultures—as well as that of his immigrant father and his American daughter. As long-buried secrets are revealed, he finds himself dramatically re-evaluating his own understanding of what makes a family. Like the Monarch butterflies that migrate every year to the birthplace of his father, the members of the Velásquez family must travel both physically and spiritually between Michoacán and Texas and look deep into their hearts before they learn where they truly belong.

Scenic Design
render & draft in Vectorworks

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